Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to provide a brief update on the work of the F2Y Implementation Team (FIT) during the past week.

Current work:

  • This week, FIT worked on developing a detailed deliverables chart with timelines for each of the major initiatives within F2Y including the Curricular Scope and Sequence, Co-Curricular Learning & Living Learning Communities, Marketing, Recruitment, and Internships — to name a few!
  • The team also had demonstrations of portfolio management software from Watermark (specifically related to their Taskstream and Via) and Digication. Next week, the team will hear from Portfolium. The next steps in this work will involve assembling a team to dig more deeply into these digital tools, creating pilot portfolios and exploring their assessment capabilities in order to inform our selection of a platform for F2Y.
  • The academic and student support teams have produced initial drafts of work for comment within FIT and CAPC has also discussed the initial draft of scope and sequence produced by the academic design team.
  • Our consultant, Dr. Ron Mahurin, has contacted businesses and not-for-profits to explore their expectation in regards to workplace experiences for practicum students.

Next steps:

  • The FIT will continue to build out the list of deliverables and related due dates.
  • Dr. Mahurin will complete interviews through the end of December 2018.

As always, if there are specific questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Latty or me.


Brian E. Doore, Ph.D.
Chief Student Success Officer
Unity College
90 Quaker Hill Road
Unity, ME 04988
(207) 509-7266