Highlights from the F2Y Implementation Team: February 18-22, 2019


What is the Team Up To?

Monday and Wednesday FIT meetings were focused on ironing out remaining questions about Portfolium and fall testbed registration. The big event of the week was the finalization of our contract with Portfolium! We are looking forward to working with Portfolium in the coming year to support the F2Y testbed and other initiatives.


The AD team also developed two potential schedules for the fall testbed and described the staffing/instructional needs associated with each model. We will be soliciting feedback on these models from FIT, CAO Latty, and others in the coming weeks. We also met with the Registrar to discuss registration for the fall testbed, including add/drop and withdraw options for students who elect to enroll.


Linda Povey, of Brand Alchemy, provided feedback on the F2Y concept and design to Brian, Erica, and me in a conference call on Wednesday. Linda noted that we are addressing the “unmet needs” of this next generation of learners in ways that other colleges are not. She was particularly enthusiastic about the ways in which we plan to provide scaffolded challenge and support for students as they develop academic, professional, and social-emotional skills. The team will be meeting with Linda again in the coming weeks to continue to discuss marketing strategies.


How is the Campus Community Engaging in the Work?

This week members of the Academic Design team continued to meet with faculty to brainstorm ways that disciplinary learning experiences can be integrated into the expeditionary learning model in meaningful ways that don’t compromise rigorous expectations. We look forward to continued conversations in the coming weeks.




— Jen




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