From: Dr. Erika Latty and Dr. Sarah Cunningham
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity College Community,

Since the campus visit with our external curricular consultant, Dr. Ron Mahurin, we have been reviewing previously gathered materials and summarizing the results of recent conversations to focus the next steps of the first two years initiative.  For those of you wishing to follow our progress look for our weekly emails and consult our new First Two Years page on the Unity College website.

Goal setting. To reach our goal of a Fall 2020 launch of the new curriculum, we outlined a project development plan consisting of 4 major phases.

  • Phase 1: Develop the content and morphology of the curriculum and align it with a revised academic calendar
  • Phase 2: Construct a viable financial model and build connections with external partners
  • Phase 3: Design an implementation plan that explicitly includes consideration of employee training needs and areas that will require augmentation
  • Phase 4: Launch marketing efforts and professional training sessions

Work in progress.  We are investigating curricular innovation models at other institutions in light of our conceptual goals for this initiative, broadly defined as creating a valuable, differentiated, accessible, and affordable education framed by sustainability science.  Our research also includes identifying leaders in alternative systems of teaching and learning, such as the development of shareable credentialing among employers.  As we consider how to leverage student engagement in this project, we are preparing questions for student focus groups. Continued discussion around these ideas has demonstrated a need for shared language.  To that end, we are creating a glossary to define such terms as curriculum, co-curriculum, and experiential, just to name a few words that require clear explanations.

March campus visit.  Dr. Mahurin is returning to campus March 14-15.  We expect to meet with student support staff, faculty, advancement staff, and students during this visit.

As always, reach out to us with questions you might have.