Dear Colleagues:


This was an energizing week for the F2Y Implementation Team!


What is the Team Up To?

We are pleased to be settled into the F2Y project office on the first floor of Constable Hall which we have stocked with an impressive array of snacks and tea. Many of the faculty members on the team will be holding “office hours” in this space every week (see attached schedule) and encourage everyone who would like to learn more about any aspect of the work or share ideas to stop by.┬áIn addition, we are holding an OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, January 24thfrom 11:00 -noon. Please join us for refreshments.


Two of our FIT meetings this week were devoted to discussion of questions and issues raised by the advancement team. These ranged from questions about the fall testbed to questions about registration and add/drop that will inform practices related to financial aid and other services. The advancement team continues to work closely with consultant Ron Mahurin, who is conducting interviews with professionals in the field regarding their expectations for academic partners and students.


The academic design team reviewed feedback from faculty following last Friday’s professional development work session and members of the team identified specific design on which they will focus. Among these are:


Fall 2019 Testbed design: Kate, Tom, Josh

Continued buildout of the Scope & Sequence: Doug

Digital Portfolio: Pieter

Staffing Model: Jen


While every member of the academic team will be working on all aspects of the design (those described above and several others), different team memberswill take some leadership on specific projects. Please feel free to reach out to a team member or to Jen if you have any ideas or questions about any aspect of this work.


In addition to the design challenges described above, Kayla continued to work closely with the Student Support team (Ray, Heather, Kim, Adam, and Soliana) to design the orientation and support curriculum that will launch the F2Y experience and be integrated within the first expedition.


How Is the Campus Community Engaging in the Work?

The Curriculum and Planning Committee (CAPC) has taken on the work of refining the FLO and PPLO rubrics that faculty and staff developed during the fall term.


The Strategic Academic Leadership Team (SALT) received an update on F2Y work and discussed strategies for engaging various committees in design work moving forward.


During Thursday’s faculty meeting, I presented an overview of the ways that a digital portfolio tool might support student learning and career development as well as program and college-wide assessment. Many faculty members asked great questions that will guide our work moving forward.


In summary, the past week has seen a lot of intellectual energy poured into various aspects of F2Y design. On behalf of our whole team, thank you to everyone who has been a part of this effort!




Jennifer L. Cartier, Ph.D.

Director of Curricular Innovation

Associate Professor of Education

Unity College

Unity, Maine 04998

(412) 215-6511


Office: Unity House, Room 2

F2Y Office: Constable Hall