From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

Discussions at this week’s F2Y Phase I project team revolved around the content and selection of pilot learning pathways to implement in Spring 2019. The pathways were organized into 5 major themes:

  1. Research and Management
    2. Education and Human Behavior
    3. Policy Expeditions
    4. Systems Design
    5. Business

We were encouraged by the energy people brought to their workday tasks. The July 10th participants began developing learning pathways that integrate disciplinary knowledge with skill development and real-world problem solving around issues involving sustainability science. We are working towards the creation of learning experiences that will foster innovative thinking amongst our employees and students, a skill with increasingly recognized importance. See this commentary from Forbes magazine about cultivating innovation in the practices of higher education.

Process updates:

  • As previously described, the most recent F2Y workday resulted in the drafting of several compelling learning pathways. The project team is collating the details to consider an expedition that integrates topics around social justice, animal husbandry, and food security.
  • We are working with Dr. Mahurin and Stamats to build the online survey for prospective students.
  • The project team is building the components of the core curriculum content for the first two year experience. To begin this work we created a list of first and second year courses. From this list we generated a set of 19 courses that comprises the majority of courses required of first year students in order to gather the course-level learning outcomes associated with these courses.

Next Steps:

  • Finalize the online survey for live distribution next week.
  • Members of the project team are collecting and describing the learning outcomes associated with select first and second year courses.

As we plan professional development around this work for August, we could like to hear from you regarding elements of this initiative that you would like to learn more about. Please contact Brian and I with ideas you might have.