From: Dr. Brian Doore 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

The F2Y Phase I project team met this week to discuss several key documents that are in development as the group designs the Spring 2019 full-semester learning experience and lays out the design for the full two year implementation. The group also examined the kinds of key learning outcomes in existing first and second year courses.

Process Updates:

  • The survey developed with Stamats consultant Dr. Ron Muhurin is now finalized and ready for launch. This survey will help us determine the kinds of learning experiences that potential students are interested in. These responses will help inform the design of future learning experiences.
  • The group reviewed the specific learning outcomes for several of the 19 first and second year courses identified last week. This work will continue into next week with the focus of the review on the broad content-related learning experiences inherent to these courses.
  • The projected implementation timeline includes a single full-semester learning learning experience offered during Spring 2019 followed by a year-long learning experience launched in Fall 2019, and full set of learning experiences launched in Fall 2020.

Next steps:

  • The project team will examine the term length options for potential F2Y implementations
  • Project team members will complete the review of existing first and second year courses
  • In concert with the F2Y team, we will formulate the specific agenda for August professional development

As we move from planning the F2Y initiative to implementing the pilot project in the spring, members of the community will no doubt have many questions, ideas, and thoughts. As Erika mentioned last week, please reach out to her,–or to me—with specific questions you would like to see addressed in regards to the F2Y project during our August professional development.