From: Dr. Brian Doore 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

We wanted to provide you with an update on the F2Y initiative.

  • As you may be aware, we recently completed a full work day where teams of faculty and staff worked together to:
    • Examine the Flagship Learning Outcomes and determine the “fit” between these outcomes and the tenets of the F2Y project.
    • Consider the “Identity” of the F2Y project — what is it? What is it not.
    • Develop a series of small scale “test bed” projects that feature experiential learning and partnerships using existing Unity College resources
  • Following this workday, F2Y team members (Especially Juanita and Jen!) have worked hard to organize the outputs of that day to inform the thinking for our second workday coming up next week on July 10th. The F2Y team will be finalizing the agenda for the July 10th date at our July 3 meeting.
  • While we are still working on the exact flow of the day, it will broadly focus upon fleshing out testbed ideas and bringing them closer to implementation, considering the specific needs of our audience (i.e., a more diverse group of 17-22 year old students), and a deeper discussion of the steps that may be needed to move this conversation forward.

Although we are excited at the progress towards testbed projects that will occur in the coming year, we also remain committed to the broader design of a transformative experience for our students.