From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

We had our first meeting of the First Two Year Project Team Phase I ad-hoc committee this week. Our time was spent determining the next steps required to complete our charge of designing a curriculum delivery model with a companion academic calendar. We assigned tasks to complete before our next meeting and these included:
1. Reviewing the current draft of the Flagship College-Wide Learning Outcomes document and share feedback with Jen Cartier before the next meeting.
2. Consider design features of innovative curricular models that should be brought forward for this group to consider.
3. Reflect on “the identity of the F2Yconcept”

Our conversation was wide-ranging yet still focused on the purpose of a reimagined first two years experience. Part of our discussion focused on the value of a gap year and if the gap year concept shares common attributes with F2Y. The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published a commentary on gap years and considered whether The Best Freshman Year Is a Gap Year.
Process updates:
· F2Y committee members will be reporting out in regards to 1-3 above at the next meeting in two weeks. Anyone with thoughts to share should contact Jennifer Cartier.
· Planning for an upcoming summer work session has begun in earnest. Key topics to cover will likely include proposing learning pathways, continued CWLO drafting, and discussion of mindfulness strategies.

Next Steps:
· We are working with Ron Mahurin to develop next steps in reaching out to potential professional community partners.