From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

Every year the senior leadership of the college spends dedicated time reflecting on our mission, goals, accomplishments, and future plans. Our deliberations over the past week, reinforced our commitment to reimagining learning experiences for young adults seeking a residential, undergraduate program that aligns their educational goals with career skills and personal resilience. Of course, we are not the only college exploring new paths to advance institutional mission. As more college’s explicitly consider innovation in their curricular planning, their initiatives are making news even beyond the traditional higher education media outlets (such as the Chronicle of Higher Education), see this piece from Forbes for an example.

Process updates:

  • The online bulletin board is completed and we are awaiting the final report. We had good participation with 64% of those choosing to participate, completing all questions over a three day period.
  • We are outlining the activities for the June 25th work day. Ron Mahurin will be joining us for that day and facilitating some of the sessions. We plan to discuss context for our work, flagship learning outcomes, and test concepts for curriculum delivery.

Next Steps:

  • The F2Y ad-hoc committee meets next week to discuss the upcoming work day and learning outcome framework.
  • We anticipate receiving the results of the online bulletin board next week. This information will be used to inform the online survey and next steps of our project design.