From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Campus Community,

This week we finalized membership of the F2Y Phase I project team. Members include:
· Chief Student Success Officer [CSSO], Brian Doore (Committee Chair)
· Chief Academic Officer [CAO], Erika Latty (Committee Vice-chair)
· Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Elizabeth Tilton
· Associate Director of Career Services, Rachel Kahn
· Dean of Students, Ray Phinney
· Dean of Academic Support, Bobbi Thomas
· Faculty Representative / Dean, School of Biodiversity Conservation [SBC], Pam MacRae
· Faculty Representative / Director of Curricular Innovation, Jennifer Cartier
· Faculty Representative, Dylan Dillaway
· Faculty Representative, Kate Coseo
· Faculty Representative, Aimee Phillippi
· Faculty Representative, Josh Kercsmar

Many of you will recall from an earlier email that Phase 1 of the project consists of developing a framework for curriculum delivery that is accompanied by a revised academic calendar. These goals will serve as the major focus of the Phase I ad-hoc team. Our meetings begin this week.

Process Updates:
· We are investigating two new topics for discussion at future project team meetings. First, we are exploring not only development of student learning outcomes but also methods of measurement. Second, we are also studying the idea of an extensive “intake” process for F2Y where groups of students perform various tasks in a context where they are closely observed. From this, we can make some initial assessments about their college preparedness. Combined with self-reflection and perhaps other intake measures that focus on academic skills (e.g. math, communication, etc.), we could develop a robust snapshot of our students. This could inform cohort formation, course scheduling, advising, and goal-setting, etc.

Outcomes and Next Steps:
· The first meeting of the F2Y Phase I Project Team will occur next Tuesday.
· Stamats will begin the field research for F2Y beginning June 7. The first of two phases of research will involve a moderated web panel of HS juniors. Findings from this qualitative research will inform a broader web survey to be conducted in July.

Please note that Friday we officially welcomed the new CSSO, Dr. Brian Doore to the team. We look forward to a productive first meeting of the First Two Year Project Team with all of our members in attendance.