From: Dr. Erika Latty and Dr. Sarah Cunningham
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity College Community,

While the weather this week threw a small kink in our plans by cancelling a planned visit by Dr. Ron Mahurin, we have been moving ahead with the F2Y initiative on a number of fronts.

  • We’ve identified a set of higher education experts and innovation leadersthat Dr. Mahurin has begun conducting in depth interviews with so that our project can benefit from their experience and expertise.
  • We have applied for inclusion in the next phase of the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers’ Comprehensive Learner Records project.  Funded by the Lumina Foundation, this ambitious initiative strives to create a framework and standards for schools to use in designing extended or enhanced transcripts that capture co-curricular and professional learning in addition to the formal curriculum.  This is just what we will need in order to represent the transdisciplinary learning our students will do in the F2Y program.  They are expanding from a successful pilot program, whose results you can read about here: Comprehensive Student Record Project: Final Report.
  • We have both upperclass and freshmen student focus groups arranged for Dr. Mahurin’s next visit, so that our decisions can incorporate the perspective of students engaged in environmental education. These will complement a more extensive set of surveys and web panels conducted with community college and high school students by Stamats in the second phase of our work with them.
  • We continue to work on outcomes definition with faculty, specifically members of the Curriculum Planning and Assessment and Academic Leadership Committees, with the goal of adopting a new set of College-wide Learning Outcomes this year that fully realize our sustainability science framework and serve as the scaffold upon which we can build more detailed expectations for students learning in the F2Y program.

If you have questions or are looking to get involved in these efforts, please reach out and let us know!