From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

The bulk of our efforts this week were focused on some of the more detailed elements of effective academic programming, such as pieces that ensure our students are prepared to enter the work force with a relevant skill set and pursue meaningful work.  Following productive visits with our assessment and program design consultants, many feel renewed commitment to creating learning-centered environments in which faculty and staff facilitate student engagement in active learning.  The latest issue of the Chronicle’s teaching column builds on these themes by sharing what professors and others who care about college teaching might learn about how technology, pedagogical innovations, and the student-success movement could alter the way professors do their jobs.

Process Updates

  • The college-wide learning outcomes emphasizing sustainability science and engaged learning were discussed and commented upon at Faculty Professional Development.
  • We are assembling the First Two Years [F2Y] Project Team Phase 1 Ad Hoc Committee.
  • The Moderator’s Guide for the online bulletin board is in the final drafting stage.

Outcomes and Next Steps

  • Cartier is reviewing the faculty feedback on the college-wide learning outcomes to produce a revised draft, which will be available for review later this summer. If any faculty still have materials from professional development that they would like to be considered for the next draft of the CWLOs, please send them to Jen and I.
  • We expect the new F2Y Project Team to begin meeting once all members are identified and the new CSSO arrives on campus.

This week also bore witness to Dr. Sarah Cunningham’s transition to a new position with the American Council on Education.  I attribute much of the good work done thus far to Sarah’s steadfast commitment to rethinking higher education models and thank her for her valuable contributions to our efforts.