From: Dr. Erika Latty 
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Campus Community,

Our current work is predominately focused on college-wide learning outcomes and the online bulletin board as both projects become better defined.  President Khoury brought an interesting article to our attention entitled, “It’s Time to End College Majors as We Know Them” with the challenge that some of the ideas presented in the article could offer interesting opportunities for the college, particularly in light of the F2Y concept.

 Process Updates:

  • Jen has been refining the curriculum landscape based on the feedback provided by faculty and Linda Suskie during professional development.  One result of her reflections has been to revise the categories of LOs. During Linda’s campus visit, she made a useful distinction between “college-wide” outcomes that fall within the general education curriculum and outcomes that are addressed in general education andin every degree program. The latter group she termed “institutional” outcomes. Jen is adopting this terminology and organization to help us identify where in the “curricular landscape” of the college different groups of outcomes should be addressed (both where students have opportunities to achieve them and where we assess them).
  • Final edits of the Moderator’s Guide for the online bulletin board have been collected and the potential audience has been defined

Outcomes and Next Steps:

  • Share the new draft of the curriculum landscape at the first meeting of the F2Y Phase I Project Team. We anticipate committee membership to be confirmed next week.
  • Prepare the online bulleting for a launch in the first full week of June.