Dear Unity Colleagues,

The F2Y implementation team has been busy working on key elements of the project. Below, I am sharing some of that work, as well as the plan for the coming weeks. The group began its work by establishing ground rules and expectations. One of the primary expectations for this group is to place the needs of the student in the first position. Another expectation is to focus on the best design of the curriculum first and to not allow existing structures, processes and resources limit the parameters for our thinking. We think that this approach will help the team design the best learning experiences possible for our students.

Current Work:
(1) As reported in the Unity Works on November 13th, the F2Y Implementation Team (FIT) has begun its work. The team is meeting for an hour M-Th. These meetings are a combination of strategy planning and working meetings. The combination of staff and faculty from across campus in one room allows for flexible working groups as we undertake this work.
(2) Throughout the past two weeks, we have discussed the calendar proposed by the Phase F2Y 1 team and have recommended adoption of a four 12-week term calendar that would allow us to offer various combinations of 2-week short courses and 8-week expeditions throughout the calendar year. Looking ahead, this calendar should also accommodate different delivery formats (e.g., learning experiences of different duration, etc.).
(3) The FIT has developed a detailed Project Timeline, identifying concrete “deliverables” and due dates for design products.
(4) FIT has also discussed the use of a digital portfolio to track students’ progress toward competencies and provide opportunities for feedback. In the coming weeks we will hosting virtual meetings with multiple vendors to explore available products and determine which is the best choice for F2Y. Several potential vendors are scheduled to present to the group over the next two weeks.
(5) With input from faculty and staff, CADO Hutchinson has compiled a list of institutions/organizations with ties to each of the proposed curricular lenses of F2Y (Law & Policy, Natural Sciences, Commerce & Enterprise, the Human Experience). Our consultant, Dr. Ron Mahurin, will be conducting interviews with individuals from these institutions for the purpose of better understanding how to develop and sustain productive partnerships.
(6) Faculty teams, with support from key staff members, have developed initial analytic rubrics for the newly adopted FLOs and PPLOs. During PD time today, faculty and staff provided feedback on drafts. Teams will share revised rubrics in mid-December.

Next steps:
The FIT will continue to meet daily to move this work ahead. Specifically:
(1) To deliver initial drafts of the scope and sequence for the complete two-year Expeditionary Learning experience
(2) To deliver a plan for a living learning community and comprehensive student support plan for the 19-20 ELE
(3) To form a recruitment, marketing, and financial aid plan for the Fall 2020 full launch of F2Y

As always, if you have questions, concerns, or ideas, do not hesitate to reach out!



Brian E. Doore, Ph.D.
Chief Student Success Officer
Unity College
90 Quaker Hill Road
Unity, ME 04988
(207) 509-7266