From: Dr. Brian Doore
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,
This week a new F2Y planning and implementation committee comprised of a broad representation of staff and faculty was approved in Senior Staff and the group held its inaugural meeting on Thursday of this week. During that first meeting, President Khoury reviewed the major objectives of the committee and answered questions related to this work.

DCI Cartier will chair this committee and lead a working group focused on the scope and sequence of the curriculum and assessment of learning outcomes. CADO Hutchinson will act as Vice Chair and lead the development of marketing, recruitment, and financial aid models to support F2Y. DOS Phinney will lead a working group focused on co-curricular programming, social & emotional supports and the development of a living-learning community.
• To design and plan for launch of a fall Expeditionary Learning pathway for Fall 2019 including the certification of the attainment of outcomes and appropriate system assessment tools
• Create the plan for the design of the scope and sequence of a complete set of ELE pathways for launch in Fall 2020 including short course descriptions
• To create a complete marketing and recruitment model
• Create a completed financial aid model for F2Y
• Design a comprehensive living learning community for the 2019-20 Expeditionary Learning Experience
• Create a comprehensive plan for co-curricular learning experiences for the 2019-20 ELE
• Design a plan to support students other social and emotional needs for the 2019-20 ELE
In the attached document, the membership and charge is shown in detail with a summary of the major objectives outlined below. As this work progresses please feel free to reach out to CAO Latty or myself, or to DCI Cartier with your questions.