From: Dr. Brian Doore
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,
Today, a group of faculty met with our external consultant Ron Mahurin to discuss the types of community partners that would be appropriate for the F2Y project. Dr. Mahurin will use the input from faculty to shape his selection of partners who he will interview for his analysis of facilitators and barriers to partnerships for F2Y. This update also marks another important watershed in the overall implementation of the project. Specifically, this update details the timetable for upcoming work and information about the revised project management and leadership structure for F2Y. Below I’ve outlined key information related to each:

Overall leadership and project oversight:
• Leadership structure
o The executive leadership group will include oversight from President Khoury, CAO Latty, and CSSO Doore who will establish project management and evaluation metrics
Operational F2Y project leadership:
• DCI Cartier will direct daily operations and coordinate project deliverables in weekly consultation with the President, CAO, and CSSO
Project leads and deliverables:
• There will be three project leads with specific deliverables:
o Functional project management for academic planning and programming will be headed up by DCI Cartier
 Fully articulated set of learning outcomes, measures, and activities for the overall F2Y initiative for each of the 4 planned pathways
 Complete design of an Expeditionary Learning Experience (ELE) for Fall 2019 for a cohort of 40-60 students
 Comprehensive assessments of student learning that measure attainment of selected Flagship Learning Outcomes
o Functional project management for Financial Aid, Marketing, Recruitment, and Internships will be lead by CADO Hutchinson
 Comprehensive plan for financial aid for Fall 2019 for F2Y and returning Flagship
 Identify key markets for incoming F2Y cohort
 Create a marketing plan to recruit testbed cohort of 40 students for fall 2019
o Functional project management for Student Supports and Co-Curricular Learning will be lead by DOS Phinney
 Design of living learning environments for each of the four planned pathways
 Identification and planning for social and emotional supports needed for key ELE methods (e.g., on-site, remote)
 Comprehensive set of social & co-curricular supports and activities planned for the Fall 2019 testbed ELE
 Plan to transition existing athletics and clubs structure to accommodate F2Y schedule and design
Next steps:

In the coming days, the project leaders (Cartier, Hutchinson, & Phinney) will be reaching out to members of the campus community to join with them in completing this work. The College will use the significant grant previously awarded by the Davis Foundation to support these activities. I hope that each of you will take the time to engage with our project leaders in the coming days, weeks, and months. There will be many opportunities for faculty and staff alike to become involved in designing and implementing this groundbreaking approach to undergraduate education.
As always, if you have additional questions or would like to seek more information, please do not hesitate to contact CAO Latty or myself.