From: Dr. Erika Latty
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,
As the Phase I Project Team completes their work, we are identifying the key components for Phase II and assigning tasks to standing committees and working groups. Thanks for the thought-provoking questions you are sending our way as they serve to strengthen our proposed learning experiences.
Process updates:
• The F2Y Phase I project team is preparing a report to submit to the President by the end of this month.
• Building on work accomplished by the Phase I team, we are working with Dr. Mahurin to inventory potential partners to engage in F2Y.
• Following an endorsement by the Flagship faculty, the Curriculum Assessment and Planning Committee (CAPC) recommended the Flagship and Professional Practice Learning Outcomes to CAO Latty and President Khoury for adoption. CAPC continues to collect core skills and understandings associated with key 1000 and 2000 level courses.
• Initial review of the summer survey of prospective students demonstrates that students feel that being prepared for a career after graduation and hands-on learning are some of the most important features of a college education. Prospective students also have open minds about calendar options and are interested in learning models comprised of both 16 week and shorter experiences, such as those proposed in expeditions.
Next steps:
• This semester we will dedicate time to developing rubrics for competency trajectories in years 1 and 2 of expeditionary learning. This work will begin next week with small groups of faculty and staff.
• We will build-out the development plan for an upcoming pilot expedition.
Lastly, we expect to provide additional updates and information at a forthcoming Unity Works meeting.