From: Dr. Brian Doore
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity Community,

It has been an intense couple of weeks with the opening of school!  Thanks to all who have helped to make welcoming for our incoming and returning students.  It has also been a reminder of how critical our work on the F2Y project will be in meeting the needs of students like the ones we recently welcomed in the past weeks.  Recently, a colleague shared a poignant reminder that while we are working hard to move the F2Y initiative forward here at Unity, our competitors are also in the process of innovating.  For example, Plymouth State has recently announced an experiential learning experience they call Learning Clusters.  Our work must continue with added urgency.  Below I have shared several recent areas of work and future plans.

Work updates:

  • The Phase I working group has completed topical reports and I am currently assembling these into a summary report this week.
  • The Stamats group has completed the survey of potential students and released preliminary results.   We will review these findings and share highlights in the coming weeks.
  • CAPC is working on building out key learning pathways (Four major pathways currently) and articulating how these relate to course skills and understandings
  • SALT  discussed shared expectations for 1000 and 2000 level  student work, which has now been assigned to ARC.  They also considered resources to develop and assess learning trajectories.

Next steps:

  • Complete the Phase I report and share with the Unity Community
  • Form Phase II working groups to address major areas of work including:
    • Scope and Sequence of F2Y
    • Spring 2019 Testbed development
    • Financial Aid & Marketing needs
    • Implementation and Evaluation planning
    • Student and infrastructure supports

As always, if you have feedback or thoughts you would like to share, do not hesitate to reach out to Erika or I with your ideas.