Summer TERRAIN Update


As made clear through recent communications by President Khoury, TERRAIN remains a high priority for sustaining the Flagship.  Incoming students continue to respond positively to this learning experience crafted by faculty and staff representing multiple functions at the College.  As of today we have 63 students confirmed in the program.  The disciplinary breadth of the pilot experience appears clear to these students who represent interests ranging from Conservation Law Enforcement to Wildlife Biology to Captive Wildlife Care and Education, to mention just a few.


  • Submissions of the newly designed TERRAIN expeditions and short courses planned for Fall 2020 are rolling in.  We expect a large portion of the year 1 curriculum to be designed by the end of this summer.


  • The academic teams for each of the two pilots have now been formed and confirmed. For section 1, Kate Coseo will lead a team with Randy Colvin, Ellen Batchelder, and Josh Kercsmar. Section 2 will be led by Aly McKnight, sharing delivery with Josh, Ellen, and Tom Whittaker.  Additional support will be provided for both sections from staff across the Flagship in Student Success and Academics.


  • Other preparations for the two Fall 19 TERRAIN Pilots are ongoing.  These expeditions will be spending time on campus, at Sky Lodge, and other outdoor locations.  As mentioned previously, students enrolled in the Pilot will form cohorts of Living and Learning residential communities (LLC) that will be based in Wood Hall.  Dean Phinney is working with all areas of student success and the lead faculty on coordination and implementation of UE learning outcomes and support into the Pilot. Themes have been created for evening programming in the LLC and early semester speakers have been identified.



Erika F. Latty, Ph.D

Chief Academic Officer

Professor of Botany