Summer TERRAIN Update



  • Ray Phinney is working on solidifying the TERRAIN schedule and booking external presenters. He is also developing RA floor activities for evening LLC programming and working with the Library on UE initiatives built into the TERRAIN offerings. Soliana will be joining the TERRAIN expeditions to Sky Lodge as the Student Success Residence Life connection.


  • Deans are working with Portfolium staff to determine strategies for training and integration of FLOs and PPLOs with Canvas materials in TERRAIN expeditions.


  • We have identified candidates for first round of interviews for Expeditionary Teaching Fellows to support TERRAIN, with initial interviews scheduled between this week and next.


  • We are refining our budget model for TERRAIN expeditions, using the testbed and the embedded experiences at various locations around Maine as case studies.




Erika F. Latty, Ph.D

Chief Academic Officer

Professor of Botany