Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: April 29- May 3, 2019


What is the Team Up To?

Linda Povey of Brand Alchemy is developing a source document to inform marketing and recruitment. Brian, Erica, and I met with Linda this week to provide her with additional information about TERRAIN.


Brian Hull continued to reach out to interested students and families to answer questions about the Fall 2019 TERRAIN experience.


Ray, Erica, Brian, and I also met with Melik and Holli to begin the budgeting process.


Ray and his team have also been looking at resources that are needed for the LLCs as well as potential projects for the 2020 launch. They are brainstorming possible upgrades to the residential spaces that could enhance learning outside of the classroom and engage students in co-curricular opportunities.


Members of the academic team continued to work on revising the staffing model (in light of feedback from faculty). Pam MacRae and Erika Latty met with us to respond to some our questions and help us brainstorm strategies for developing an equitable staffing model.


How is the Campus Community Engaging in the Work?

Ray Phinney has been leading efforts to bring various members of the Unity College community into the planning work associated with TERRAIN. Over the past week, he (and other FIT members) have met with Jes Steele and Tim Lecrone to discuss the role of the OAC in TERRAIN. We are exploring ways to leverage OAC resources (human expertise as well as equipment, training opportunities, etc.) for (1) providing training for expeditionary faculty and field instructors; (2) assessing and helping to manage risk associated with learning in a variety of field settings; and (3) helping to develop a system for addressing logistical concerns related to running several expeditions simultaneously. Ray also worked with the Fall 2019 TERRAIN instructional team, Bobbi Thomas, Kayla Higgins, and Adam Williams to develop a plan integrating Unity Experience learning outcomes within the Wilderness in Place expedition.


During Faculty Meeting this week, Jen and Josh provided an opportunity for faculty members to give feedback on the most recent drafts of analytic rubrics for the Flagship Learning Outcomes. Feedback included faculty members’ recommendations for target goals for students at the end of Year 1 and Year 2. We will incorporate these recommendations in the guidelines for development of expeditions and short courses during our planned June curriculum design institute.


Once again, thanks to everyone for finding time to respond to our questions, meet with us, and give us your inputat this very busy time.


— Jen



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