Summer TERRAIN Update

Highlights from this week’s work on TERRAIN . . .

Preparation for Recruitment of Fall 2020 Students
Emily Valli and Alecia Sudmeyer continued to collaborate on the design of online and print materials to communicate to various audiences about TERRAIN.

Portfolium Launch
With help from IT, marketing, and the registrar’s office, we are ready to launch Portfolium this coming week. Pieter, Pam and I have been preparing to facilitate a professional development session for faculty next week that will get us started using this new tool for assessment of Flagship learning outcomes. I have also been working with the TERRAIN testbed instructional teams, Rachel Kahn, Kristine McCallister, Bobbi Thomas, and Ray Phinney to design Portfolium pathways that will enable testbed students to monitor their progress related to professional practice and personal development outcomes throughout the fall term.

Fall Testbed
Members of the testbed instructional teams (for cohorts 1 and 2) worked throughout the week to organize Canvas materials and prepare for the opening of the term. Kate Coseo and Aly McKnight have been working hard alongside Ray Phinney, Jes Steele, and other members of the student success team to finalize details for the opening excursion to Sky Lodge, which is only a little more than a week away!

Curriculum Review
I have provided feedback to all of the faculty members who developed TERRAIN curriculum materials this summer and am working closely with many of them to implement requested revisions.

Selection of Expeditionary Teaching Fellows
The process of selecting Teaching Fellows is ongoing. Stay tuned to meet our first Fellow at Professional Development on Wednesday!


Jennifer L. Cartier, Ph.D. (she, her, hers)
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Professor of Education
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(412) 215-6511 (cell, preferred)
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Office: Unity House, Room 2