Summer TERRAIN Update


It’s been another very busy week working on TERRAIN implementation. Here are the highlights:


Preparation for Recruitment of Fall 2020 Students

Emily Valli and I started our week with an early Monday morning meeting about TERRAIN. I provided her with examples of Year 1 Expeditions and short courses based on the materials that the curriculum design teams submitted this summer. The Marketing team is also going to use these resources to develop print materials to support recruitment.


Portfolium Launch

Pieter deHart, Pam MacRae, and I have continued our work related to launching Portfolium. We are focusing on inputting the FLO and PPLO rubrics and working with Registrar Kelsey Gilbert to develop a convention for naming courses that will facilitate registration and assessment in future. We are also working with Bobbi Thomas, Rachel Kahn, and Ray Phinney to develop co-curricular pathways in Portfolium for use with first year students this fall.


Fall Testbed

Heather McAnirlin has completed the registration process for the fall 2019 TERRAIN testbed students. All of the TERRAIN students will receive an email this week introducing them to their instructional team and providing them with information about some of the planned fall excursions, required texts and supplies, and what to expect from the Expeditionary Community in Wood Hall. Pam MacRae and Pieter deHart worked with Aly McKnight and members of her instructional team (Tom Whittaker, Ellen Batchelder, Josh Kercsmar) and the Registrar to make small adjustments to the schedule and room assignments for this second TERRAIN testbed cohort. Ray Phinney and his team finalized room assignments for a few more TERRAIN students in Wood Hall and the RAs for this residence hall reached out to the TERRAIN students to introduce themselves and welcome them to Unity. Finally, Laura Reed produced a video of Ray providing a tour of Wood Hall and introducing TERRAIN students to the ways in which this space will support events and programming integrated with the academic aspects of the fall expedition.


Curriculum Review

I continue to review materials that various teams developed this summer. I have met with some of the expedition design team leaders to review materials and provided feedback to others via e-mail. This work in ongoing.


Selection of Expeditionary Teaching Fellows

We are continuing the process of selecting Expeditionary Teaching Fellows. Ray Phinney and I met with Jessica Steele and Adam Williams to identify opportunities to provide training related to risk management and safe field practices for the Fellows and to develop a process for training Fellows in future years.









Jennifer L. Cartier, Ph.D. (she, her, hers)

Director of Curricular Innovation 

Professor of Education