December 2-6, 2019


Like the rest of Flagship, the TERRAIN testbed is wrapping up for the term. Students are completing projects and final exams. They are also writing summative reflections about their learning experiences and providing feedback on an end-of-term survey designed by TERRAIN fellow Emily Goldthwaite. I look forward to working with the instructional team in the coming weeks to collate and summarize this data and discuss implications for design and implementation of expeditions in fall 2020.


I had planned to support a discussion of the quarter calendar during Community Meeting this week, but the weather had other plans. Given the high level of interest in the topic, I put together some slides and created a brief video to help people better understand what the quarter system will “look like” when fully implemented at Unity College. I encourage you to watch if you have questions and to share with anyone who is seeking more information.


Zach Falcon, Beth Driggs, and I interviewed two candidates for the Curriculum Designer position earlier this week and anticipate moving this search process to the next step soon. We are eager to bring our CD on board to work with faculty members (McKnight, Herboth, Crowley, Whittaker, and Kercsmar) who have agreed to reallocate some of their time next semester to complete the design of Year 1 expeditions and essential short courses.


I also had the opportunity to share a draft of the Faculty Workload Model with SALT during the November 25th meeting and have since revised it. We will discuss the revised model and draft a charge for the ad hoc Faculty Workload Committee during the upcoming SALT meeting (December 9th).


CAPC began work on revised Catalog language describing the general education requirements and will share a draft of this in ALT next week (Friday, 12.13).





Jennifer L. Cartier, Ph.D. (she, her, hers)

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