Summer TERRAIN Update


  • Interest among incoming students in the Fall 2019 Pilot Expedition continues to grow and has warranted the addition of a second section.  As shared previously, this fall Kate Coseo will lead one Wildlife in Place expedition, with the second one led by Aly McKnight.


  • Kate and Aly are working with Ray Phinney, Jes Steele, Adam Williams, and Pieter deHart to develop complimentary trip schedules for the two sections.  They are identifying locations, dates, and the staff needed to support these efforts.  Part of this staffing plan may include Expeditionary Teaching Fellows to support the academic programming and lead interdisciplinary co-curricular educational experiences for the cohort of TERRAIN students.


  • The curriculum design teams continue their work on short courses and expeditions built on disciplinary modules.  Each team is designing at its own pace and the first drafts of the curricular products are being completed.


  • In collaboration with our marketing consultant, drafts are being developed for use in a public relations messaging effort.  Some of this work involves framing communications for social media, emailing, texting, and hard copy collateral.



Erika F. Latty, Ph.D

Chief Academic Officer

Professor of Botany