Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: March 9-15, 2019


What is the Team Up To?

This week the TERRAIN team focused much of our work on responding to the Recruitment, Marketing, and Advancement team’s plan for communicating with accepted students (both deposited and not-yet-deposited) and their parents/families about the fall testbed. Members of the Academic Design Team also worked with CAO Latty and the school deans to develop a staffing plan for the testbed.


On Thursday, several members of the team met with Phoebe Jekielek, who is the Director of Programs and Research at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. The team left this meeting energized to pursue further conversations about how to leverage the Hurricane Island context (as well as adjacent areas like Vinalhaven) within Year 1 and Year 2 expeditions or short courses. We identified central questions or problems related to the geology, biology, history, and economy of the island that could frame or support themes within expeditions. We also discussed possibilities for internships during each of the terms within the proposed quarter calendar. The team is seeking to schedule a follow up meeting with Phoebe and members of her staff in early to mid-April.


How is the Campus Community Engaging in the Work?

Also on Thursday, the Academic Design Team helped to lead a discussion of the proposed calendar in a joint school meeting (attended by faculty from the School of Environmental Citizenship and the School of Biodiversity Conservation, as well as President Khoury, CSSO Doore, CAO Latty, and Deans MacRae and deHart).


On Friday, I presented a draft of the Degree Major Pathway for Captive Wildlife Care and Education at the Academic Leadership Team (ALT) meeting. After meeting with CWCE faculty member Cheryl Frederick earlier in the week, I developed a draft of what the Pathway for CWCE might encompass, including a proposed animal husbandry module within Natural Selection Expedition B: Livestock & Animal Health and a two-week short course focused on Introduction to Issues and Careers in Captive Wildlife Care & Education. In the next few weeks, I hope to meet with all program chairs to develop drafts of other degree major pathways so that we can (1) continue to identify “pinch points” and areas of the proposed curriculum that we need to adjust in order to meet various program needs; and (2) help clarify the vision for TERRAIN using concrete examples of curricular sequences.


For those members of our community who will be enjoying new scenery, R&R, or just catching up on work over the next few weeks, I hope you will have opportunities to take a break and become refreshed. (Actually, I extend that wish to everyone – whether you’re stepping away from campus for a bit or not!)


I and many members of the TERRAIN team will be on campus for much of the academic break, and we encourage anyone who is here and interested to stop by and share ideas with us.



— Jen



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