Highlights from the TERRAIN Implementation Team: May 6-10, 2019

What is the Team Up To?

This has been an eventful week on campus, starting with Student Conference on Monday and wrapping up with graduation on Saturday. Our engagement in many of these end-of-year events left less time than usual for TERRAIN work. However, we were able to meet on Wednesday and spend some time strategizing with our new Internship Coordinator, Kristine McCallister, about how we might structure practicum experiences, both locally (campus-based) and at remote locations. Kayla Higgins provided us with an overview of the foundational work that she and Reeta Largen completed, including a draft of a practicum handbook and list of resources for developing role-play scenarios or simulations to help prepare students for engagement in professional contexts. We are looking forward to working with Kristine to develop the practicum component of TERRAIN.

I worked with Erika Latty to finalize plans for the June curriculum design institute, including confirming the agenda for the training session that will be led by members of the Worchester Polytechnic Institute Center for Problem-Based Learning on June 4th.

How is the Campus Community Engaging in the Work?

Members of the TERRAIN team, including Randy Colvin, who is part of the instructional team for the fall Wilderness and Place in Maine expedition, facilitated a two-hour session with the Unity College Board of Trustees on Friday. During this session, Adam Williams, Randy Colvin, Josh Kercsmar, and Ray Phinney led a variety of learning activities, ranging from a personal SOAR analysis to poetry analysis to navigation and telemetry. They were supported by Doug Fox and Tom Whittaker. After Board members had an opportunity to experience learning “like a TERRAIN student”, we provided an update on the design work that the team has been engaged in this spring. A special “thank you” to Board members for their enthusiastic engagement in this learning opportunity (despite the chilly rain), and to Chris Melanson for the logistical support. And a shout out to Rena Johnson for some very fashion-forward crustacean-print rain boots!


The TERRAIN team is looking forward to opportunities to share more information and engage in conversations about our design work during professional development next week.

— Jen