November 1 – 8, 2019


In the Field: Update from the Wilderness & Place in Maine (TERRAIN testbed) Team


For their final one-day excursion, students traveled to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. For those of you unfamiliar with the park, it is run by Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife biologists and game wardens. The animals at the park are not able to be returned to their natural habitats due to having been injured, orphaned, or raised (often illegally) to be human-dependent. IF&W professionals care for the animals and provide programming to educate the public about their needs and the role that the public can play in conserving and protecting wildlife.  During their visit, the TERRAIN students met IF&W professionals, saw many exhibits, and got to witness and learn about brook trout stocking and reproduction. IF&W staff were engaged in an “egg-take” – collecting Brook Trout eggs for the Dry Mills Fish Hatchery. TERRAIN students were able to handle the fish and see the process in action.


The instructional team is busily preparing for the group’s second extended trip to Sky Lodge. The first TERRAIN cohort will spend November 11-14 at the lodge and the second group will follow on November 18-21.


Behind the Scenes


President Khoury and I facilitated a feedback discussion with 7 current TERRAIN students over lunch on Thursday. The students shared suggestions about how to strengthen the program (including addressing issues such as providing hot and more varied meals during excursions and not grouping students who are enrolled in an expedition together in a single residence hall). For the most part, the students’ concerns were issues we were already aware of and have addressed in the TERRAIN 2020 implementation design. We are hoping to have more opportunities to engage in focused discussions with TERRAIN students as they wrap up and reflect on their experiences.


The Sustaining the Flagship group worked with Registrar Kelsey Gilbert this week, providing feedback on a “block” model that we might use to schedule classes in the quarter calendar system. Kelsey and I are continuing to refine this model.



I look forward to sharing more details and perhaps even a few photographs from lovely Sky Lodge in next week’s update.


— Jen




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