October 19-15, 2019


In the Field: Update from the Wilderness & Place in Maine (TERRAIN testbed) Team


During this week’s excursion – right here on Quaker Hill Road in the Facilities building and the animal barn – TERRAIN students were introduced to three professionals who have followed different environmental career paths. While learning to operate dart guns and blow darts for immobilizing animals, students met Director of Public Safety Dennis Picard. Dennis provided a brief lesson on firearm safety and spoke with students about his path to a career as a civilian safety officer. Students also met Dr. Rob Adamski and heard about some of his experiences as a wildlife veterinarian. Animal Programs Manager Meg Anderson provided the TERRAIN students with a highly informative lesson about animal care, used our barn animals to point out target sites for animal darting, and explained her role in ensuring that all aspects of the “barn ecosystem” are working smoothly. Big “thank you’s” to Dennis, Rob, and Meg for their work supporting our students!


Wednesday’s excursion was also a reminder for the TERRAIN group that some outdoor experiences can be pretty uncomfortable when it’s chilly and wet. This was a good opportunity for the Fellows to revisit earlier lessons with students about the need for appropriate layers and attention to self-care ahead of November excursions to Vinalhaven and Jackman.


Fellows are also working on an excursion planning and debrief template that can be shared with faculty and staff who will be working with TERRAIN students in the future. This tool should help ensure that excursions are well organized and learning experiences are safe and run smoothly.


Behind the Scenes


TERRAIN students Michelle Spies and Cameron Day joined instructional team leader Kate Coseo at the TERRAIN information table during Saturday’s Open House. The students and Kate conversed with prospective students and family members about the TERRAIN program, responded to questions, and shared highlights from their experience. Thank you to Michelle, Cameron, and Kate for taking the time to support our future students!


In Sustaining the Flagship, we spent considerable time this week working on a preliminary budget model. CAO Latty, VPF Falcon, Dean MacRae, Registrar Gilbert, and I also sketched out possible block schedule formats for course offerings and continued discussions about the transition to a quarter calendar. This work is ongoing.




—- Jen



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