October 7-11, 2019


In the Field: Update from the Wilderness & Place in Maine (TERRAIN testbed) Team


This week half of the students from each TERRAIN cohort visited the Peter Gray Fish Hatchery in East Machias. The students spent the entire day working alongside professional scientists, learning to clip fins on an estimated 3000 Atlantic Salmon. During the “lunchtime lecture” Randy Colvin provided students with additional information about the Downeast Salmon Federation and the Atlantic Salmon Recovery project. Faculty and fellows who participated with the students reported that the group worked very hard (leaving campus at 7 AM and returning at 5 PM) and remained focused and professional while on site. Just as importantly, all 3000 of the fish they clipped survived the procedure, indicative of the students’ ability to master the appropriate technique.



In Thursday’s Integrated Project time, students who participated in the trip summarized the experience for their peers during the debrief and the whole group worked on calculating survival rates for the salmon at different life stages. They will be using additional data to evaluate the efficacy of salmon recovery projects. Next week, the other half of the students will be returning to the hatchery to help release the clipped salmon into the East Machias River.


TERRAIN students also participated in a reflective exercise about learning strategies this week. They completed Kolb’s learning style inventory and discussed how collaboration with peers who have different styles can enhance their own learning experience. They also discussed the importance of understanding their needs as learners and using strategies to meet those needs.


Behind the Scenes


Design of curriculum for Years 3 & 4 is ongoing. I have met with various faculty members or groups to help them get the process started or answer questions over the past week and have meetings on my calendar to meet with additional colleagues next week. So, the faculty have jumped into this work quite quickly and I anticipate that we will have drafts of program curricula by the end of October.


In Sustaining the Flagship, we met with Jenny deHart and Jim Kauppila to discuss anticipated needs for space (e.g., housing for TERRAIN fellows, large classrooms, larger or enhanced meeting spaces in residence halls) and transportation when we roll out TERRAIN next fall. Jenny and Jim will draft proposals outlining options for addressing these needs in the next few weeks.


Many of you attended the information session that Melik hosted for students on Tuesday (11:30 AM). Thank you to Melik and to everyone who was able to attend to learn about students’ concerns and acquire information about how to respond to those concerns with accurate information.


—- Jen




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