In this era of human history, as we face critical environmental issues demanding profound transformations of our society, there is an urgent need for visionary leaders capable of manifesting meaningful solutions. The evidence of climate change and environmental destruction reaching unprecedented levels is increasingly prominent in the world around us, including a long streak of temperature records, vanishing sea ice and coral reefs, and a worrying number of wildlife threatened by extinction.

Environmental experts insist that we must change course very fast if we are to avert potentially irreversible warming of the planet and sustain our species and society. Unity College is dedicated to developing the visionary leaders, problem solvers and stewards of the earth through innovative sustainability science education. As the first college in the nation to introduce sustainability science as an educational framework and to divest from fossil fuels, we are uniquely qualified to educate effective agents of change who relentlessly strive for the survival of Earth’s wildlife, resources, and inhabitants.

Students Pursuing Environmental Degrees Online Understand the Need for Visionary Leaders

Sustainability science students with an applied understanding of the physical, biological, social, and economic realities of climate change are better positioned than most to appreciate the urgent need for visionary environmental leadership. Visionary leaders work with insight, passion, and imagination toward important goals with a shared sense of purpose. A deep knowledge of underlying challenges and a commitment to thoughtful action is required to deliver effective results.

The world needs progressive ideas to solve environmental issues

The world needs progressive ideas to solve environmental issues


With issues as complex as climate change—complicated by polarized opinions, persistent misinformation, and competing concerns—transdisciplinary processes transcend adversarial approaches in serving mutual benefits. Students at Unity College embrace inclusive diversity, indeed practicing unity, as they apply innovative ways of thinking and working together. It’s a solution-oriented approach to a Masters in Environmental Management that combines technical competencies with social science and humanities skills, so grads can confidently work in the context in political, cultural, and economic concerns.

Visionary Environmental Science Colleges Produce Visionary Leaders

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? It’s a powerful question but Unity College students are living the answer through a commitment to true sustainability. Students pursuing environmental degrees online tackle real problems in their capstone projects, the program’s culminating experience that integrates accumulated professional and environmental science learning.

Small class sizes enable more personalized attention from world-class faculty, challenging students to explore and debate solutions to critical environmental issues. America’s environmental college doesn’t just teach sustainability—it lives it through visionary measures that provide a progressive model for other institutions to follow. This is a college that develops cutting edge wildlife studies involving students from multiple majors, employs sustainability staff to continuously reduce its environmental impact, and developed the first passive solar residence in the country (now the Student Success Center).

Become a visionary leader and part of the solution

Become a visionary leader and part of the solution


Each of us has the potential to be a visionary leader but it begins with a choice, to courageously pursue what we believe in, energized by the inevitable attainment of our goal and persevering in the face of unexpected challenges. Unity College students work towards important goals, relentlessly striving to inspire change in how the world thinks, learns, and acts.

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