Last month, ten Unity College Student Government Association (SGA) members and their advisor, Coordinator of Student Activities Rebecca Neville, attended the American Student Government Association (ASGA) conference in New York City.

“As part of the SGA, students are benefitting from an experiential learning experience, serving as leaders as they learn to work together as a team, discuss issues, set goals and work towards those goals,” said Rebecca Neville. “They are challenging themselves to bring the SGA to a whole new level, and attending the ASGA conference gave them a fresh perspective, essentially recharging the group to finish the year on a great note!”

At the conference, Unity SGA members networked with students from other colleges and talked about unique and innovative ideas, attended workshops and presentations and in the end, were able to take away tools that will help to run a more efficient and cohesive SGA. Through these interactions, the students were able to reflect on the skills they already have, and also think about how to bring the techniques they learned about to campus in order to make the Unity College SGA even more effective.

“It’s exciting to learn new things and also to be afforded the chance to discuss Unity’s unique nature,” said Samantha Longo, Unity College SGA President. “After speaking with students from all across the country, I came away with even more of an appreciation of our tight knit community of environmentalists.”

“It was wonderful to get to travel to NYC and also to have the opportunity to reflect on the skills that we could bring back to campus,” said John Karyczak, Current Secretary and Fall 2014 President-Elect for the SGA. “I know that the students who attended the conference will be able to draw from this experience and also carry what they learned with them into the job market.”

About the Unity College SGA

During the 2014-15 year, the SGA has supported 33 clubs (with over 300 active students) and over two dozen special projects including: continuing support of the Student Certification Fund; purchasing a second Bear Study culvert trap; funding 10 students to attend the Association for Experiential Education conference and funding the Love is Louder Poetry Slam; a weekly Shamanism class; the Climate Solutions Expo; and an alternative spring break trip to Shalefield, PA.

About the ASGA

The mission of the American Student Government Association (ASGA) is to “provide all Student Government leaders and advisors nationwide with networking, research, and information resources and to teach them how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses.”

Monday, March 24, 2014