Chaz James of Plantation, Florida, is a dual Captive Wildlife Care and Education and Marine Biology major.  Support from the scholarship helps James pursue an internship at the Topeka Zoo of Topeka, Kansas.

Selena Rouillard ’16, of Dudley, Massachusetts, is a Captive Wildlife Care and Education major and Zoology minor.  The scholarship she received helps Rouillard pursue an internship at the EcoTarium, a unique indoor-outdoor museum in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Amanda Bonilla ’15, of Rochester, Massachusetts, is a Marine Biology major and Applied Mathematics and Statistics minor. Support from the scholarship will help Bonilla to pursue an internship in Costa Rica, where she will collect data on sea turtle nests, in addition to pursuing related research.  She will pursue her internship with A Broader View, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created in 2007 by Oliver and Sarah Ehlers. The organization arranges volunteer abroad programs for spring break journeys, gap year trips, humanitarian mission trips and Peace Corps alternative programs.

In 2010, Unity College became home to the Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund, a gift made possible by the Holt family in collaboration with the Maine Community Foundation. Unity College was a major interest in Nick Holt’s life since 1973; he spent more than 20 years working toward accreditation of its strong environmental teaching program.  Holt was an architect, family man, befriender of strangers, Army veteran and marcher on Washington, gunkholer and sailor, and a lover of color, trees and light.  His family is pleased to honor his passion and commitment to Unity with this scholarship fund.  The purpose of the fund is to support juniors and seniors in challenging, experiential learning projects that are self-initiated, curriculum-based and approved by an academic advisor.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014