On November 12, 2015, faculty and staff of Unity College gathered to honor employees for their years of dedicated service, and to recognize the retirements of two in the Unity College family, including President Stephen Mulkey.

Held at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts, more than 150 staff and their families and friends attended the event, full of smiles, anecdotes, toasts, friends, and the culinary artistry of campus catering. Photographs of the event are on Flickr.

The tree was chosen to recognize years of service, in alignment with our mission, our practice of sustainability, and our logo. Years of service are defined by trees indigenous to Maine in addition to their yearly growth rings: 5 Rings – Fire Cherry; 10 Rings – White Birch; 15 Rings – Balsam Fir; 20 Rings – Sugar Maple; 25 Rings – Red Oak.

Here are the employees who were honored, along with their years of service:

•    President Dr. Stephen Mulkey
•    Dr. Diana Murphy, Professor of Humanities/ Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities

25 Rings
•    Jeri Roberts, Business Office

15 Rings
•    Dr. Amy Arnett, Center for Biodiversity
•    Lorey Duprey, Dining Services
•    Gret Madore, Facilities
•    Tom Mullin, Center for Natural Resource Management & Protection

10 Rings
•    Deb Braley, Facilities
•    Denise Dawson, Dining Services
•    Aimee Dorval, Facilities
•    Kate Gilbert, Marketing & Communications
•    Greg Perkins, Learning Resource Center

5 Rings
•    Dr. Sarah Cunningham, Center for Experiential & Environmental Education
•    Kathleen Dunckel, Center for Natural Resource Management & Protection
•    Wilma Lombardi, Center for Sustainability & Global Change
•    Darlene Vaughan, Dining Services

Monday, November 23, 2015