The Unity College Center for the Performing Arts has reopened this year with a renewed focus on providing quality community-minded entertainment to complement the college’s educational offerings.

A gift from the Clifford Family, the UCCPA continues to be “a wonderful venue for the college and the town of Unity,” Unity College President Stephen Mulkey said.

Built from a 100-year-old barn with attached farmhouse, the UCCPA is a vibrant cultural and arts center that offers an eclectic mix of music, films, art, lectures, and more.

Since opening in 2000, the UCCPA has seen many events including world-renowned musicians, award winning speakers, and memorable community gatherings. The UCCPA is also home to the Leonard R. Craig Gallery featuring up-and-coming as well as renowned artists throughout the year.

“We are being very creative about finding different ways the UCCPA can be utilized,” said Wendi Richards, the events manager who began managing the Unity College facility in February.

Upcoming acts include The Resistance, a talented young rock band from Maine that has played at the Hard Rock Café in Boston, Thursday, April 30. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7 p.m.

For a sample of their music, click here. Cheers to Verona will be the opening act.  Tickets are $10; $6 for students, available at the door or online.

On Thursday, May 7, another young award-winning musician, Adam Scott, will play. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7.  Tickets are $8 online; $10 at the door. Student tickets are $5 available at the door.

The concerts punctuate a 2014-15 academic year that included a nearly sold-out show by Portland-based Rustic Overtones on April 11, concerts, craft shows, art exhibits and other cultural events.

Events will continue throughout the summer and into next fall, Richards said.

In the planning is a heavy metal summer concert, as well as Native American music by Rising Star Award winner Gareth Laffely.

If you prefer live theater, Trevor McKinven is planning to stop by the UCCPA to do his one-man show, “They Came from Away,” while on tour from Montreal. Bob Lovelace may stop by in the fall to perform his new show, “What is this Life?”

There will be a Murder Mystery Dinner on Dec. 12 in which someone will be “murdered” and the guests must figure out “who done it?”

Jam Nights, started this spring and open to community musicians, will continue weekly during the school year.  The UCCPA is also exploring opening the College’s Movie Nights to the community.

“Other events you may see in the next year are crafts fairs, auctions, comedians, and theatrical performances,” Richards said. “The UCCPA is open to ideas from the community.”

“I would love to see community classes offered using our space,” she said.

The space is available as a community space for rent, for social events, weddings, memorial services, conferences and other events, as are other Unity College facilities, such as the Field of Dreams and conference facilities.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015