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An aerial image of the Pineland Farms campus that houses Unity Environmental University.

Unity Environmental University Announces New Strategic Partnerships with Mission-Aligned Preferred Employers

Unity Environmental University announces a significant expansion of its Preferred Employer Program, welcoming over two dozen new organizations into its network. These mission-aligned partners represent a diverse array of opportunities for our students and graduates, embodying Unity’s vision of nurturing professionals dedicated to ecological and societal sustainability.

These organizations span across the nation, resonating with Unity’s ethos of cultivating exceptional environmentally-focused professionals. Our new partners are committed to fostering diverse, inclusive work environments and offer roles that align with the unique skill sets and ambitions of our Unity graduates.

The Bureau of Land Management Idaho is one of the many examples, their mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

“Our partnership with Unity Environmental University allows us to connect seamlessly with sustainability-centered degree-seeking students who have a passion for the balanced stewardship of America’s public lands and resources,” said Milo T. Espinosa-Davis, Bureau of Land Management Idaho Human Resource Specialist.

To qualify as a Preferred Employer, each organization has made a commitment to provide personalized support for Unity students and alumni. This includes dedicated channels for career guidance, insights into application processes, and insider tips on thriving within their roles.

“We want our students to know this is a supportive green employer who is looking forward to helping guide them through the application process, provide tips, and answer questions about their jobs. This not only helps the candidate prepare, but also highlights an employer who is actively seeking graduates with Unity degrees,” said Wendi Richards, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Our goal is to grow these mutually beneficial partnerships across the nation.”

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, the President of Unity Environmental University, emphasized the vital role of their Preferred Employer Program.

“This program serves as a bridge between academia and industry, fostering meaningful connections with employers. We are committed to the approach that sustainability extends beyond the classroom. These employment partnerships are critical to ensuring that our graduates are career-ready, resilient, attain a diverse learning experience, and are globally competitive for the 21st-century workforce.”

In recognizing these organizations as Preferred Employers, Unity Environmental University is not just fostering a network of businesses. We are building a network of forward-thinking entities that value social responsibility as much as business success.

To learn more about how Unity is connecting students with their dream career, visit the Careers and Outcomes section of our website by clicking this link.