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Unity Environmental University Establishes National and International Partnerships to Enhance Experiential Learning

Unity is the First and only Higher Education Institution with whom ACE has a Formalized Partnership

Unity Environmental University announces the signing of two new partnerships with the American Conservation Experience (ACE) and International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ). These complimentary programs offer our students and graduates opportunities to develop professional experience both nationally and abroad. At Unity, we believe in the power of partnerships to transform education and unlock boundless opportunities for our students. 

“These affiliations exemplify our commitment to providing diverse, hands-on experiences that prepare our students for the global workforce,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, President of Unity Environmental University. “As we continue to forge new alliances, we are excited to expand our network of partnerships, ensuring that our students have access to a wide range of enriching opportunities.” 

The American Conservation Experience has a strong established national network of over 250 state, federal, and land management partners. They offer several programs for students and recent graduates to gain experience in the field while developing their professional network, and now, qualified Unity applicants are assured an interview when applying for ACE programs.

“This was a perfect match. Nearly all of Unity’s top employers are ACE partners. We have the future workforce these agencies are seeking, plus ACE’s variety of programs are a great stepping stone for our students to gain access to long-term careers in their field,” said Wendi Richards, Director of Career Placement & Corporate Partnerships. 

Unity has more than 7,400 full-time students representing every state, and no matter where they live in the nation, a partnership with ACE will help connect them with employers. Unlike some other experiences, ACE’s programs often provide a stipend or other living support to increase accessibility to participants. 

“ACE is committed to the professional development of the next generation of conservation stewards,” said ACE Chief Program Officer Rafael Rosa. “Our alliance with Unity Environmental University allows us to connect emerging professionals with rewarding service opportunities to advance their career-building skills while benefiting our public lands.”

While ACE operates nationally, International Volunteer HQ offers programs globally with over 300 programs across 52 destinations for students and graduates to live and work among people in developing nations.

“IVHQ has a spectacular array of mission-aligned programs that can be used to supplement Unity’s educational offerings. This is an extension of learning, where students gain a worldview on the impact they can have through international work,” says Richards. “It didn’t take us long to realize this would be a good match after IVHQ met several Unity students at our Environmental Career Expo. By our first partnership meeting, three of our students had already registered for IVHQ’s programs.” 

IVHQ is an award-winning, certified B Corp with a stellar reputation for the care they take in the placement and guidance of volunteers as they work in new cultures with indigenous people.

“The experience of living and working in an unfamiliar environment with respect, humility and purpose, can be life-changing,” said Richards. 

Although already known for affordability, as a partner, Unity students will receive special pricing when applying to an IVHQ program.

“Together, we will shape the future of education and empower our students to thrive in an interconnected world,” said Dr. Khoury.