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After success as Director of Career Services, Unity College names Rachel Kahn as Chief Advancement Officer

‘Now is the time to ensure our mission is accessible and relevant to learners from all backgrounds and geographic areas’

Since becoming President of Unity College some five years ago, Dr. Melik Peter Khoury has taken pride in ensuring employees have ample opportunity for growth, offering ambitious, talented, and innovative professionals leadership roles that play to their strengths and match their skills. Rachel Kahn, who has spent three years in Admissions as well as Career Services, most recently serving as Director of Career Services, has now accepted the position as Unity College’s Chief Advancement Officer. 

“I was initially drawn to working at Unity College because of its unique mission, and I am eager to help Unity break down traditional higher education barriers to make our mission accessible to anyone who is interested in learning with us,” said Kahn. “Having worked closely with both our Distance Education and Flagship SEBUs, it is clear to me that there are learners from all walks of life who want to earn a degree or take courses with us. Recent events on both national and global stages have only highlighted the fact that the environment impacts each of us, and our mission is more relevant and necessary than ever before. The environment exists in national parks as well as in populated urban areas and everywhere in between. As America’s Environmental College, it is our responsibility to provide access to education that gives students the skills and knowledge to tackle environmental problems wherever they choose to make a difference.”

Throughout her career, Kahn has supported students, colleagues, and alumni in a number of roles, having worked in Career Services, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Admissions, and Student Services. Her focus since arriving at Unity has been on helping students and alumni achieve their professional goals, and ensuring they have the resources necessary to advance in their careers. As Director of Career Services, she created 12 new partnerships focused on securing internship and job placement opportunities for students, and shifted Career Services to become a more external-facing office to help cultivate those partnerships. 

“Rachel certainly has an incredible track record here at Unity College, and has continued to meet or, more often, exceed her goals,” said Dr. Khoury. “Because of her success, and the incredible feedback I have received from colleagues who have commended her leadership, this transition to Chief Advancement Officer seemed like a natural fit. She is motivated, ambitious, and truly lives the mission of Unity College. I congratulate Rachel on this incredible opportunity, and I cannot wait to see all the remarkable work she does as our new Chief Advancement Officer.” 

“Unity College students are truly capable of changing the world, and many of our alumni do. Now is the time to ensure our mission is accessible and relevant to learners from all backgrounds and geographic areas,” added Kahn. “Unity College is at an exciting crossroads at the moment, and I am looking forward to advancing our mission while helping steward Unity College into its future.”