It’s every human’s nightmare: a hoard of zombies shuffling down the street toward you, one of the few human survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Do you flee? Do you fight? Can you climb your way out of the situation? While these are far-fetched scenarios better left for Hollywood screenwriters, the skills young adults can develop from training for such an event include useful, real-world survival techniques.

Campers between the ages of 11 and 17 will learn orienteering and wilderness skills, firearms and bowhunter safety, Meyers-Briggs and strength-based leadership, and how to work within a team. They will also get to hike the Hills to Sea trail and enjoy campfires, where they can regale new friends with stories of the undead.

“Unity College values experiential education, and we’ve extended that to our summer camps,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, President of Unity College. “Campers will not only get a fun, interactive experience, they will also learn so many skills that they’ll actually use.”

In addition to Zombie Survival Camp, Unity College is offering camps including:

  • Wizarding Adventure Camp
  • Environmental Science Camp
  • Marine Biology Camp
  • Warden Camp

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