Unity College students and faculty have a reputation for practicing what we preach—for walking the talk. But at Unity, students also learn to talk the walk—to explain their ideas and methods clearly to others. By the time Unity students stride across the stage to receive their diplomas, they possess an unusual blend of expertise: an understanding of the natural and social sciences, along with the ability to communicate as environmental professionals.

Employers in the new economy have told us that they need college graduates who can write, speak, and think. Unity graduates are not only effective researchers in the field and laboratory; they also know how to share their findings in ways that produce positive outcomes. They can convey ideas and craft policy in ways that are accessible to broad constituencies, and use a variety of media to clearly express the range of tactics necessary to solve complex 21st-century challenges.

Unity’s unique sustainability science approach joins scientific inquiry with the humanities, providing students with a philosophical context for resolving human dilemmas. Sustainability science uses transdisciplinary problem-solving to address questions about how humans should use the earth’s resources, and ensures that every Unity student, regardless of major, develops sophisticated reasoning, writing, and media skills.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012