Sarah Linneken is the recipient of the Unity College Fall 2013 Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship, a fund created to support juniors and seniors in challenging, experiential learning projects that are self-initiated and curriculum-based. The scholarship will help support Linneken’s independent project of living in a sustainable environment on her semester abroad in Iceland through the Center for Ecological Living and Learning.

The award allows Linneken, a senior in Environmental Writing and Media Studies at Unity College, the tools to document her experiences of her time living in Solheimar, an eco-village and the first self-sufficient community of its kind in the world, where people live and work together and are committed to environmental sustainability. Working closely with her faculty sponsor, Professor of Humanities John Zavodny, Linneken will share a presentation on her study abroad and what she learned during her time at Solheimar at an upcoming Unity College Student Conference as well as other relevant venues.

The Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund is a gift made possible by the Holt family in collaboration with the Maine Community Foundation. Unity College was a major interest in Nick Holt’s life since 1973, and he spent more than twenty years working toward accreditation of its strong environmental teaching program. Nick was an architect, a family man, befriender of strangers, army veteran and marcher on Washington, gunkholer and sailor, and a lover of color, trees and light.  His family is pleased to honor his passion and commitment to Unity College with this scholarship fund.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013