There, she showcased her art alongside professional artists from around the world. Taylor’s application was sponsored by Deanna Witman, Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities, who also attended the conference. While at the conference, Taylor was able to attend lectures and network, and also engage in a series of workshops and have her portfolio of work reviewed by renowned artists.

Established at Unity College in 2010, the Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund is a gift made possible by the Holt family in collaboration with the Maine Community Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to support juniors and seniors in challenging, experiential learning projects that are self-initiated, curriculum-based and approved by an academic advisor.

​Unity College was a major interest in Nick Holt’s life since 1973, and he spent more than 20 years working toward accreditation of its strong environmental teaching program. Holt was an architect, family man, befriender of strangers, Army veteran, marcher on Washington, sailor, and a lover of color, trees, and light.