At a time when higher education appears to be in flux, with smaller colleges beset by economies of scale and enrollment challenges, Unity College is poised to continue a pattern of unprecedented growthWe take pride in the fact that our active student population uses scientific reasoning to solve real world environmental problems. With a focus on sustainability science, our unique liberal arts education ensures that Unity College graduates are prepared for their first job as well as their fifth in environmental careers, an area that is among the fastest growing in the nation. 

Take a look at what our students are doing at Unity and what makes our college special, such as The Bear Study, a “first of its kind” study in the US that directly involves undergraduates, is a perfect example of how sustainability science enriches the college experiences of students across the curriculum.  Unity College has one of the highest graduation rates among small, liberal arts colleges and our students are highly employable.
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The mission of Unity College has never been more relevant or necessary. Our students are facing a world of converging environmental and economic issues, and our focus is to prepare them to become innovative problem solvers.

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Unity College is a great place to get a top-notch degree while enjoying what Maine and New England have to offer!  We do everything to make sure that the transition is smooth for our transfer and international students.

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Unity students are fortunate to have the advantage of an incredible classroom education paired with experiential learning opportunities. Sustainable practices and hands on learning techniques are woven into every course at Unity College.