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Alumni Services

Alumni Services Overview

At Unity Environmental University, we celebrate and support our alumni on their career path to a sustainable future. We are proud of the dedication our alumni have shown to becoming change-makers wherever they are in the world!

Services for Alumni

  • + Career Guidance – Polishing application materials and connecting alumni with employer resources
  • + Unity Professional Network – Access our private LinkedIn group for employers, alumni, and students
  • + Connections – Get tips from vetted alumni professionals offering industry insights
  • + Alumni Stories – Offer your story and/or read about how Unity alumni are making a difference
  • + The Presidential Newsletter – receive Melik’s Memos for Unity updates via email
  • + Handshake – Continued to access to Unity’s online career platform (requires a non-Unity email)
  • + News and Events – Follow and engage with Unity on social media

Each year, Unity students receive scholarships funded by generous donors to help make their education possible. If you wish to support Unity’s work to promote accessible environmental education, donations are always deeply appreciated and tax-deductible.

There are also many additional ways to stay engaged and support future Unity alumni –

  • + Share tips and career opportunities on the Unity Professional Network
  • + Provide industry expertise – give advice about employment in your field
  • + Participate industry expertise – give advice about employment in your field
  • + Connect with career services to promote workforce opportunities
  • + Partner to develop hands-on learning opportunities for students in their fields
  • + Customer-design environmental training or courses for your organization
  • + Explore mission-aligned mutually beneficial partnerships

As a Unity Alum, there are many ways you will make a significant impact on the world!

Contact for more information.

Alumni Engagement

Link to Partnership Page


Unity works with mission-aligned businesses to build beneficial partnerships.
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Link to Alumni Survey page

Alumni Survey

Take our survey to let us know about your interest in any of the above.
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Top 9 Ways for Alumni to Engage

Ways to Engage

Help transform higher education as an alum.
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