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A woman examines long stalks of wheat in the sun while holding a tablet.

Give to Unity Environmental University

Invest in the education of future environmental leaders

Your generosity is critical to our mission to educate responsible citizens, environmental stewards, change-makers and visionary leaders. You can help create an inclusive sustainable future that serves diverse students and builds our global green workforce when you donate to Unity.

Our students are mission-driven champions of sustainability and climate adaptation. They contribute to preserving the world’s ecology, wildlife, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, green businesses, and bring sustainable practices to their employers.

Donate Now

Unity’s Approach Is Inclusive

Our student-first approach, designed to fit busy schedules without incurring debt, means less barriers to success for those studying anywhere in the world.

Most Unity students are juggling work and family obligations.

Over 80% of our students qualify for financial aid.

We offer cost transparency and no additional fees.

Multiple short academic terms offer flexibility for when life happens.

How You Can Help

Your generosity helps our students to have the resources and aid necessary to succeed as future sustainability change-makers. Your donation can go towards High Impact Learning Scholarships, Environmental Stewardship Scholarships, the Sustainability Fund, or towards Innovation and Program Development.

Two florists work together potting a plant in a greenhouse.

Give underserved students the chance to participate in internships, research, and capstone projects which are shown to lead to gainful employment. Help breakdown the financial barriers that keep non-traditional students from these life-changing opportunities. 

A student works at a desk surrounded by samples in petri dishes.

Fund mission-driven students who join the green workforce as Marine Biologists, Climate Adaptation Specialists, Sustainable Business Entrepreneurs, and so much more. Our graduates spend their professional lives contributing to conservation and climate solutions nationally and globally.

Dr. Doug Fox leads a class outside.

Support Unity – an organization with a reputation for purposefully disrupting the traditional higher education model. Together, we can break down barriers that prevent diverse learners from achieving their university degree.

A man in a gray T-shirt wears a virtual reality 3D headset and explores the environment against a background of nature and the jungle.

Help Unity build additional avenues to educate learners globally in supporting the green economy through training businesses in sustainability, integrating VR into coursework, creating destination learning experiences, or establishing educational access in underserved locations across the world.