We educate environmental leaders

For over fifty years, Unity College has been preparing the next generation of environmental professionals and leaders to successfully face real-world challenges. We believe that we should serve a broad range of students from all backgrounds across the U.S. — and the world. To be responsive to the rapidly changing needs of students and society, Unity College has adopted an enterprise model as its institutional organization, expanding the college into three distinct units that offer both undergraduate and graduate environmental degrees: flagship campus, distance education, and sustainable ventures.

Unity College Flagship campus in Maine

On our flagship campus, our liberal arts curriculum is built upon a unique framework of sustainability science — the first of its kind in the nation. A distinctive approach to learning provides our students with an exceptional, high-quality education, enabling them to drive real change with leading-edge knowledge and expertise within any of our environmentally focused majors. Our unique location provides extraordinary opportunities for hands-on learning and research, and active and engaged students work together with forward-thinking faculty to make true community-based learning possible. From 225 wooded acres of farmland overlooking Unity Pond in the tranquil village of Unity, Maine, we prepare each of our students to make a mark on the world.

Distance Education: Unity College Online

Our distance education unit, started in 2016, extends the effects of a Unity College education to adult learners, and beyond the physical confines of the flagship campus. Unity College Online offers affordable, accredited bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and non-degree credits, ideal for working professionals seeking to advance their careers, helping students become the changemaker the world needs while still honoring their commitments, wherever they are.

Sustainable Ventures

Each venture within the Sustainable Ventures SEBU is a real-life revenue-generating manifestation of the academic curriculum. This SEBU simultaneously builds our brand, diversifies revenue alternatives, fuels economic development, and provides a variety of hands-on learning/credit opportunities for students that are not funded primarily by Unity College tuition.

Whoever and wherever you are, Unity College can offer environmental education for those committed to solving the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

We are America’s Environmental College.