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Unity Environmental University Distance Education Advantage

Next start date is July 15th. Applying is easy and free!

A new kind of online

learning experience

Imagine learning in your own backyard, on your own schedule, with immersive experiences designed for you! That’s the Unity Environmental University Distance Education advantage. Our professionally designed courses are offered up to 8 times a year, letting you decide how quickly you want to complete your degree. With low tuition, no hidden fees, and no books or materials to purchase in more than half of our courses, you can consider the full cost of your program up front. At Unity Environmental University affordability, accessibility and flexibility is in our DNA!

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Courses designed to meet your needs

Courses are built around term-long projects. Students work on a piece of a project each week that encourages a cumulative and comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, courses are designed with ADA accessibility in mind to benefit all learners.

Flexible Scheduling

You decide how quickly you complete your program. With eight 5-week terms for baccalaureate students and five 8-week terms for graduate students, you can choose to enroll or stop out as needed to provide ultimate learning flexibility all while maintaining federal financial aid.

Finding financial freedom

At Unity Environmental University, we make sure you understand the true cost of your degree to weigh against future earning potential. That’s why we provide the most comprehensive data on industry growth and opportunities. Making your money count is just another way Unity DE is setting students up for success.

student support - professional advisors, faculty experts, career specialists, success

Student support for success

As a Unity Environmental University Distance Education student, you will receive ample support from a team of Professional Advisors, Faculty Experts, and Career Specialists to ensure you reach the finish line! Our low student-to-faculty ratio ensures none of our students are left behind.

Building a global network

Distance Education students at Unity Environmental University come from every state in the nation and around the world. This gives our students the opportunity to learn about each other’s communities and environments. We also have a diverse nationwide Faculty with a network of connections that foster students’ ability to connect with other professionals in their field.