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Unity College XR Innovation Lab

Unity College XR Innovation Lab

Sustainable solutions to today’s problems.

Anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Do you have hands-on training needs?
Do you need rapid prototyping and innovation for your products/service?
Do you need to quickly train your workforce?
Do you need to improve team retention?
Here is how we can help:



Test your ideas

Looking for a place to test your idea? We create spaces and find talent to explore solutions to your business problems with experiential technologies and innovation practices – all within the framework of sustainability.


Upskill your team

Need to quickly upskill or reskill your workforce? We develop training plans and provide the tools to bring your workforce up to speed.

Unity College Portland


Find your solution

Do you want to create sustainable solutions for your specific business problem? We help you define your problem and identify solutions.

The Unity College XR Innovation Lab partners with a large pool of the best minds using extended reality (XR) to explore ideas and find solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can the Unity College Innovation Lab help me solve my business problem?

    Each company is unique. Our team provides a menu of options. Do you have a difficult workforce training challenge? A difficult prototype you need to build? 

    We can host events, source specialists, build prototypes, or design and build customized end-to-end solutions

  • What is extended reality (XR)?

    Extended Reality (XR) is an inclusive term used to describe a variety of immersive technologies encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and technologies that have yet to be imagined. See XR in action

    Do you need to train your workforce to do dangerous or physically complex jobs/skills? Unity will help you create full immersive simulations that will save your team time and money.

  • How can I use XR to solve business problems or test an idea?

    XR is changing the way companies train their workforce. This technology has made it possible to put specialists in nearly any situation or location, even those that are extremely dangerous or require extensive resources. We design and build scenarios in which specialists-in-training can learn how to avoid negative consequences at their work by applying their theoretical knowledge in virtual environments. See XR in action

  • What is a hackathon and how can it be used to solve my business problem?

    At a hackathon brings together developers/designers/subject matter experts together to collaborate to solve a pressing business problem in very short periods of time (usually 72 hours or less). The participants work rapidly (and sometimes without much sleep) to achieve their designated design and development goals.

    Hosting a hackathon empowers your team to simultaneously rapidly prototype solutions to business problems, create a network of potential employees, and build a great PR piece for how your company is engaging with local communities or communities across the United States. 

    The Unity College Innovation Lab does all the heavy lifting to make your hackathon a success. You bring the problem, we bring the resources to solve it and help you amplify your message about the great work your team is doing.

  • How can the Unity College Innovation Lab help my bottom line?

    By better prioritizing your innovative initiatives, providing a place outside the parent company to experiment with ideas and enhance tech capabilities. The Unity College Innovation lab allows teams to shift from a culture of legacy tactics to create innovative solutions and bring those ideas into reality providing positive business impact as well as workforce solutions. A partnership with Unity College Innovation Lab will also attract new talent and skill sets to your organization and business.

Contact the Innovation Lab

David Bass-Clark

David Bass-Clark
Distance Education Director of AR/VR Research and Development

Doug Studdiford

Douglass Studdiford

Distance Education Director of Partnership Development

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Last Updated on June 15, 2021