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Accepting Applications for our First Cohort: Spring 2022


Five-Week Terms

Taking a five-week term lets learners focus all their attention on one or two classes at a time. Plus, learners who take one three-credit course per term are considered full-time and are eligible for financial aid.

Unprecedented Scheduling Flexibility 

With eight terms per year, learners can apply year-round and enter into the program at many of the start dates. Also, if a learner needs to take a term or two off, they can stop out and pick up where they left off in their degree program without having to reapply. Most learners will take one course at a time but we allow learners to take up to two courses per term.

Term Start and End Dates:

TermTerm BeginsTerm Ends
2022-SP1A-5WFebruary 21, 2022March 27, 2022
2022-SP2A-5WApril 4, 2022May 8, 2022
2022-SP3A-5WMay 16, 2022June 19, 2022
2022-SU1A-3WJune 20, 2022July 10, 2022
2022-SU2A-5WJuly 11, 2022August 14, 2022
2022-FA1A-5WAugust 22, 2022September 25, 2022
2022-FA2A-5WOctober 3, 2022November 6, 2022
2022-WN1A-5WNovember 14, 2022December 18, 2022
2023-WN2A-5WJanuary 9, 2023February 12, 2023

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Technical Institute for Environmental Professions
70 Farm View Drive
Freeport Hall – Pineland Farms
New Gloucester, Maine 04260

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