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Hybrid Learning

8 Start Dates a Year | Next start date is October 5

Unity College moves to remote learning for 2020-21 offering flexible, affordable, and accessible options!

A New Model of Learning

Offering Unprecedented Flexibility

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid Learning gives students the option to complete their entire degree through a combination of online and/or on-campus courses, depending on the needs of the student at any given point during their college career. Students move fluidly between online or in-person learning, either at home or on campus. They decide the type of coursework in which they want to enroll!


Education on Your Terms 


What are the benefits of Hybrid Learning?

Flexible schedules with eight start dates per year.

Students can apply year-round and enter into the program at any point in the year. Also, if a student needs to take a term or two off, they can stop and return to their degree program without having to reapply. Students can take up to six credits a term.

Hybrid Learning Sample Schedule 1
Hybrid Learning Sample Schedule 2 

Five-Week Terms

Our five-week terms let students concentrate on just one or two classes at a time. Students who take one three-credit course per term are considered full-time and are eligible for financial aid.


Tuition is differentiated based on the method of instructional delivery: $550 per credit hour for face-to-face courses, and $470 per credit hour for online courses. With this flexible structure, housing and dining plan options are modular, based on the student’s needs and preferences.

Quality Instruction

All classes are taught by faculty who are experts in their respective fields and trained in pedagogical practices specific to online or face-to-face learning. Students can expect a rich online experience as well as face-to-face courses that deliver immersive, hands-on learning opportunities.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is differentiated: $550 per credit hour for face-to-face courses, and $470 per credit hour for online courses. Most courses are three credits, and a typical student will take up to 24-30 credits a year. The estimated annual cost for tuition for attending face-to-face full-time is $13,200 and attending online full-time is $11,280 (based on 24 credits per year).  

View more about the costs of tuition and other costs.

Are students required to live on campus?

With hybrid learning, students can choose when and where to live and learn. A student may choose to learn online and live on campus. Alternatively, a different student may choose to live and learn on campus only. Flexible room and board options are available to fit the intended duration of the on-campus stay.

View more about housing and dining costs.

What are the student activities?

Students in Hybrid Learning can participate in intramural sports, student clubs, campus events, and more. Whether a student takes classes online or in-person, we encourage them to be a part of our campus life. 

Learn more about Student Life.

Can students get financial aid?

Students who take just one class (3 credits) per term can apply for financial aid. Our specialized recruiters guide students through the process. Learn more about financial aid here.

How do students apply?

New, interested students should complete the application here. It is quick, easy, and free! If a student has already applied and has been accepted at Unity College, that student should contact our recruiters directly.

What is necessary to apply?

No SAT or ACT scores are required. Students must have completed high school with a high school diploma, GED certificate, or homeschool certificate. Apply here.

When does it start?

Students may begin at any of the eight start dates per year.  The next start dates are August 24, October 5, and November 16, 2020.

Unity College Hybrid Learning Admissions Q&A Webinar

What degrees are offered through Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid Learning offers several degree paths leading to fulfilling careers, ranging from law enforcement to wildlife biology.

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Contact a recruiter at 1-800-624-1024 or email Students can also complete the inquiry form below to request more information.