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Hybrid Learning

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Premium Environmental Career Preparation

Train for a meaningful career addressing urgent environmental issues through a combination of online classes and optional in-person classes. Unity Environmental University students can choose in-person classes from many locations including our 90 Quaker Hill Road campus in Unity and our Sky Lodge property in Moose River, to a number of field stations around the state.

Hybrid Learning Degrees

Hybrid Learning offers several degree paths leading to fulfilling careers, ranging from law enforcement to wildlife biology. Significant job growth is projected in the fields of environmental science and sustainability.

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Career Ready

Unity Environmental University has an exemplary return on education: 94% of our graduates are employed full-time within six months of graduation. You can rely on our proven track record of success as you prepare for your environmental career.

According to a recent survey, 94% of a recent graduating class were employed or attending graduate school within six months of commencement.


Get a private school education for public school costs!


Control your pace of study and manage your costs of attendance. Earn up to 6 credits every 5 weeks.

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Hybrid Learning Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Unity Environmental University maintain its academic quality?

    Unity Environmental University takes a multi-faceted approach to ensuring all programs maintain a high level of quality and integrity. This includes, but is not limited to, meeting the standards of our accrediting body, the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). All Unity Environmental University programs are included in our accreditation status. As student demands and workforce needs change over time, we build new programs and other innovative learning opportunities. 

    In 2022, the Carnegie Commission reclassified the institution as a Master’s Colleges & Universities: Small Programs, a significant change from the college’s former classification as a baccalaureate college. The new classifications provide a more accurate picture of Unity Environmental University today and validates our lasting commitment to the progress we have made in recent years to diversify our offerings and the students we serve.

    Unity Environmental University has also received recognition from a variety of external sources: 

    Unity College Awards

  • What is the status of Unity Environmental University’s financial health?

    Over the last 10 years, Unity Environmental University has experienced unprecedented growth while increasing its assets, students, and net positive annual operating budgets allowing us to pivot and re-launch post-COVID from a position of strength. According to Unity

    Environmental University

    ’s Spring 2022 census, Unity Environmental University has over 4,000 (unduplicated) students enrolled in all its modalities, a significant increase from the fewer than 800 residential students just three years ago. 

    By expanding our educational modalities beyond in-person to include hybrid and online learning, the College continues to expand and reach new audiences. The College’s adaptation of an operational structure called the Enterprise Education Model in 2017 allows it to pivot and adapt to the changing needs of current and future students, making education more accessible and affordable.

  • Where does learning happen for Hybrid students?

    Unity Environmental University Hybrid Learning is designed to offer students the flexibility of choosing between in-person and online courses.  If a student decides to take one or two online classes in a term, they can live and work anywhere they have access to the internet.  The online courses are five-week “asynchronous” classes that do not require set meeting times.  In-person classes may be offered at many locations including our 90 Quaker Hill Road residential campus in Unity and our Sky Lodge property in Moose River, to a number of field stations around the region.

  • How has Unity Environmental University responded to the Covid-19 pandemic?

    From the beginning of the pandemic, Unity Environmental University has sought to prioritize the health and safety of our students and employees. Like many colleges, we went fully remote in the early days of the pandemic, choosing not to bring students to our residential campus until we were able to do so safely.  For the 2021-22 school year, we limited campus access to only continuing students and approved guests.  Having a defined cohort on our campus ensured that we were able to respond to any illness quickly and limit overall disruptions.  We developed and regularly update a comprehensive Hybrid Learning Safety Plan that continues to guide our efforts.  Importantly, we require all students and employees to be fully up to date with their vaccinations, including both the initial doses and booster doses when eligible. 

  • How much does it cost to attend and is it affordable?

    Tuition: Our costs are very competitive and transparent. Depending on how many in-person and online courses you take per year, the annual tuition cost is between $14,100 and $16,500, or around $15,000 per year for a full course load.

    Dining: We have various meal plans depending on how many consecutive terms you sign up for. For a typical residential student living here for three terms in the fall and three terms in the spring (staying on campus during the week between terms except for the break between the fall and spring), the total would be $5,304 for the year.

    Housing: We have three housing options and various plans depending on how many consecutive terms a student chooses. A typical residential student staying on campus for three terms in the fall and three terms in the spring would pay $4,148 for economy accommodations and $8,160 for more amenities.

    Fees: Comprehensive fee (for multiple student-support services) $170 per term or $1020 for a typical six-term year. There is also a one-time orientation fee of $75 and a one-time graduation fee of $100. 

  • Studying online vs. on campus. How does that work?

    All colleges require what is called “General Education,” for around 1/3 of a student’s curriculum. These are courses in basic writing and math, a physical science, a life science, and some humanities and social sciences. In Hybrid Learning, students take these courses online.

    Students will often take these courses along with their hands-on, in-person courses so they may be in class in the morning and then work on their online course in the afternoon. Students may also opt for a longer winter break at home, taking two online courses at a time in a five-week term or, given that these courses run year-round, by taking one or more of their general education courses online in a summer term.

    As you may have already figured out, the Hybrid Learning format provides a lot of flexibility. Students taking two courses per term can graduate in 3 ½ years. Students who get behind can take courses online in the summer to catch up or get ahead. Students who land a great fall, winter, or spring internship or other job experience can opt to take a simultaneous online course or use the summer terms as an alternative.

  • What are the admissions requirements? When can I apply?

    Applying is easy and free! Learn more about the steps to apply here


Contact a recruiter at 1-800-624-1024 or email Students can also complete the inquiry form to request more information.


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